What does it mean? We all do better when we all do better?

This seems so obvious, but to deeply consider these words, pause, give yourself a mini-break, a moment of “me-time.”

Recently I attended a graduation at a local community college. There I witnessed how every person in the organization from administrators, to teachers, mentors, legislators, sponsors, students all pulled together to help one another complete the tasks of study, learning, growing towards a degree. It was like everyone was rowing together – the boat moved across the finish line with everyone aboard. Many of this finishing group go on to serve community with their newly acquired skills and developed talents.

What work, or effort are you engaged with that could use a few folks helping you get across the finish line? Doing better together just feels good on so many levels. Notice for yourself today how you may be rowing together with someone else who is trying to get across a finish line. And let us know how doing better together made yours and other’s life better.

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