Just-in-Time Coaching, Conversations and Community – JITCC (C)

Learning is occurring at the speed of “life.”  Each is one making choices, each one needs to make.  Then new choices emerge from those choices.  Through conversations let’s share our learning, Just-In-Time.

Everyone needs help as we face uncertain times.  Most of us don’t have a trusted “other” or coach. We can be that for one another,..Just-In-Time...when you need it the most.

Join us here with your stories of Just-In-Time creative resolves, efforts and results in doing better so we all do better in relationships, organizations, communities,  oh, heck, the world.

From our collective learning and evolving, we grow Just-in-Time guidance for activating capacities and gifts, not only managing through these times, but finding grace and gratitude in the process.  We are and can create  new solutions for change. We can learn at the speed of “life.” 

Life moves fast. It asks a lot of us and gives a lot too. We are living at the speed of “life.” We human “becomings” have deep and wide capacities not used until needed, Just-In-Time.  We are learning together,   remembering, recovering and creating new as needed Just-In-Time..

Just-in-Time Conversations and Community get to issues of “What’s-Up” “what’s needed now?  What are the alerts needing attention?  What can we learn from one another now?

Our community includes wide range of expertise and intelligence joining project managers from public and private organizations and companies, life-coaches, health and healing practitioners, value intelligence researchers, communication coaches;  negotiators, mediators, time bank sharing, and educators.

There is wisdom in each one of us from lived experience.  Sharing our lessons learned and drawing on our living wisdom we are learning to trust our self-management knowing as life-given, living organisms, to find new ways to act that move us towards harmony. It’s natural, we can’t stop ourselves from doing it.

How does  Just-In-Time work?  We meet with lessons learned, questions being asked, what actions are needed, what resources are available right now?  What resources and alerts are emerging?  Post here under comments for now.  There will be more ways to contribute as we go, but for now, please sign up and pass along to anyone you wish to come into the circle for Just-In-Time work.

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