Balancing left brain with right brain experience

Left brain has developed to point it must now be balanced with right brain experience. Such words may sound like cultish wishes, but today, humans are evolving quickly. How this evolution occurs requires conscious choices that may tip life and living in direction of more and more mechanistic ways of more of the same, or towards a more balanced with greater compassionate and heartful spirit minded ways.  It’s not an either/or choice normally, but since we have so overly developed that left brain, ego, systemic self, one that competes, set one person against another, at this time, it requires some radical shifting.

What can each of us do to turn the whole ship of human consciousness around?  Each voice, each life energy is infinite in its potential.  The life energy within each cell, within each combination of cells that grows into a human is so very under-estimated and in its infancy for what we can be and become.  Look around at nature.  Look at plants, watch them grow in impossible conditions. Observe their resilience, creative force to find solutions, to act autonomously in miniscule ways.  And then observe their collective relationships and mutual impacts on one another. Humans are like plants, also acting autonomously and in mutually impactful ways, some towards aliveness, some towards destructive acts of control and minimization of life. Choices are ours to make, one small step at a time.  Can we help one another see these choices towards aliveness?  Such choices are not from grand philosophies or mental constructs or recipes.  Such choices are basic, fundamental, at radical levels that are requirements we all know as living beings.

One step, one small step with each breath, we move towards listening into our whole brain, whole body, whole species knowing and living. I invite you to join with me in this new form of heroine and hero’s journey.  Let’s give greater emphasis on what we can do with our Right-sided brains. It’s not rocket science, but it is as powerful if not more so.