Releasing Emotions; You are Not Your Emotions – Skye Hirst, PhD

Emotions can hit you, it seems,like an involuntary reality over which you have no control. Emotions can be our friends for inner guidance. Listening in on what is “up” at any given time can provide you with help in knowing what to do, what not to do.

But, when those emotions are anxiety that feel so connected to who you are, then they don’t feel like friends that want to help.

“Releasing” emotions is way for listening to them and allowing them to change. If you think you can’t do that, that’s ok. For now, in this now, whatever you are experiencing, the road map is in your body. Within us is an inner landscape that has colors, shapes, textures and constantly changing relationships. This inner terrain is rich with wisdom and stored knowing. It has a “felt sense” to it.

To begin this releasing process, focus on your body, what do you notice? What “felt sense” wants attention? It might be a tight muscle in the neck, or stomach. Just bring your attention to it and allow yourself a bit of time to hang out with it in any way you can.

We’ll begin a series of steps to walk you through this allowing process. I hope you’ll join me soon to see how you can learn this method to release any emotion that keeps showing up.

You are not your emotions. They are energy like waves that form and dissolve as you notice them, allow them without resisting. There are lots of ways to use this wonderful, natural and always available process. See you next time.

What does it mean? We all do better when we all do better?

This seems so obvious, but to deeply consider these words, pause, give yourself a mini-break, a moment of “me-time.”

Recently I attended a graduation at a local community college. There I witnessed how every person in the organization from administrators, to teachers, mentors, legislators, sponsors, students all pulled together to help one another complete the tasks of study, learning, growing towards a degree. It was like everyone was rowing together – the boat moved across the finish line with everyone aboard. Many of this finishing group go on to serve community with their newly acquired skills and developed talents.

What work, or effort are you engaged with that could use a few folks helping you get across the finish line? Doing better together just feels good on so many levels. Notice for yourself today how you may be rowing together with someone else who is trying to get across a finish line. And let us know how doing better together made yours and other’s life better.

Just-in-Time Introduction!

Just-in-Time Coaching, Consulting and Community – JITCC (C)

Everyone needs help as we grow and develop. This time is just a lot more intense than usual.  Most of us don’t have a trusted “other” or coach. Let’s be that for one another…Just-In-Time…when you need it the most.

Let’s work together on moving forward at this time of deep change and uncertainty.  We can and are learning at the speed of “life.”  Join us here with your stories of how you are growing, discovering, remembering what you can do and are doing.  Check out our daily posts, add your comments, inspirations and yes your fears, while we learn together how to overcome them.  As we release emotions that want to hold us hostage, we can find new ordering to our thoughts, actions and relations.

Working at home, being with one another is not only essential, it is and will be the healing. Reach out, be at home while joining with us as we find our way through to next.

Bring your creativity, your hopes.  This is “inner time,” a time to come home to ourselves, to our human “becoming” infinite possible.
In our human “becoming” we will grow our (Life) better whether in work,  relationships, organizations, communities, governments, oh, heck, the world?

With immediate and direct insights from each of us, we’ll receive Just-in-Time guidance for activation of own capacities and gifts for making life better using what is available now immediately, for impacting and influencing change for better.

Life moves fast. Life changes at the speed of “Life.”  It asks a lot of us and gives a lot too.

With Just-in-Time  sharing we’ll  identify the issue of “What’s-Up” for you or your group now. What are the alerts needing attention?  What resources can you call on right now within and without?

Our team includes a wide range of expertise and intelligence bringing work histories of public and private organizations and companies, life-coaching, health and healing certifications, value intelligence assessment, communication; human dynamics, negotiation, sales, leadership, project management, new economies, education and learning concurrent with self-organizing laws of nature, aliveness, and ordering ways in living process.

How will you know if Just in Time is helping?  Your experience  moves towards spaciousness, aliveness, connected to the possible, hopeful. In the sharing, we witness the impacts on lives and those around us making a difference for greater whole coherence, where “we all do better when we all do better.”  We can feel it, know it as living experience.

With small investment of time, you will begin to make choices for yourself in your personal life, in groups where you’ll bring your own Just-in-Time know-how to whatever situation, or occasion you find yourself.

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