About Skye Hirst, Ph.D.

To whatever the profession, passion or pursuit, I accompany those seeking to know themselves deeply, radically, to align their hearts/mind/body, as one, to experience a ground foundation of self-trust. This aliveness centering is essence of health, and fulfillment and for some, it may be like a quiet joy.

With PhD in communication from Union Institute and University, a Bachelors of Music, and certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient tradition of energy balancing,  my work is a ministry with over 40 years of coaching and consulting experience.  I accompany groups and individuals including CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists to realize their path of aliveness, fulfillment and meaning.

I bring over 30 years of research in organic, Living Processes, and Inherent Value Intelligence.

Of great influence are Robert S. Hartman who discovered a hierarchy of values and Norm F. Hirst who made connection of Value Intelligence in how humans navigate their lives. I add the recent work of Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s expansive work on the Divided Brain and how we need to use reason, AND intuition, imagination and values in the creation of lives with aliveness, meaning and fulfillment. The work of Harrison Owen and his Open Space Technology reflect my thinking for open conversations, listening, self-direction and responsibility for creating what we want of organizations, groups, governing, culture and our self.

Above all, my spiritual practices of Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga,  Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Autognomics (study of Life as Creative Organism) bring into focus the Divine self-nature in every living creature. In this heart-ful realm of loving awakening is wisdom, self-direction and purpose to be realized, shared and honored. When re-membering and experiencing the Divine nature, we access infinite wisdom, resources and possibilities for dealing with whatever challenges and creative imaginings we may engage.

I open to the Spirit of Father/Mother Life-itself available within each of us.  With each breath, I invite you and myself to listen into our felt-sense whole awareness to find right action, Just-in-Time as needed, one step-at-a-time.   1st feel embodied feelings and know with the whole self, humanness good, and embodied wisdom. Feeling feelings, releasing what’s holding, allows integration and accessing our Divine aliveness and wisdom for harmony to emerge as we do. To experience loving unconditional love within is humanness good, human kind’s possible,  this is aliveness centering, this is how it can be, Just-in-Time.

Living in Maine, I find nature and gardening my inspiration ground.  Casual conversations in my garden, with blue skies, flowers, butterflies, birds and children, I’m most at home.

I very much look forward to accompanying you on your inner journey of radical self-knowing,  with self-trusting ground, aliveness, of you knowing your Divine nature of love and loving. From here, everywhere is possible.