Just-In-Time Course

A radical self-knowing process.  

Embodied Feelings and Valuing are primary guides for navigating life as humans.  We are not machines, and no “thing” like a machine of parts with cause and effect pulleys or levers.  As children we learn, or not, how these primary human capacities live inside us. If given freedom to explore, play and be true to the whole nature of oneself, we learn how to decide, reason, overcome obstacles, create, grow confident, and develop according to that true self.  From this ground, humans develop the ability for creating meaning, fulfillment, and basic harmony for themselves and those with whom they engage. This is how LIFE as organism works.  Learning about this interiority, these inner landscapes, grows a world that can work for everyone.  It’s practical wisdom from which life of humans can be healthy, joyful and thriving in aliveness. In good turn, humans return health back into nature itself.

For reasons many have documented, researched and written about, the majority of people living at this time on mother Earth, are using more of the left brain than the full brain to live.  With words of Dr. Iain McGilchrist, the alive part of our nature has been hijacked.  So to that cause, my colleagues and I are bringing you an immersion course to learn how better to develop the whole self; understanding the whole brain capacities, and yes, the whole value intelligence and embodied knowing.

We invite you to this unique experience.   Making a commitment to yourself to open, to awaken, to renew, to restore, or to learn for the first time, what you may not know you are missing.  This is a radical -self-knowing process that will take you where you never imagined possible and much of what you’ve hoped for but only imagined.

Bring your whole embodied self, feelings, questions, wanna-be-self, and can’t-have-self to the course.  You’ll discover the shoulds driving your life and unload the rules and beliefs you are limited, constrained by some -THING or experience.

This course does not promise a thing. It doesn’t give you hope for a glorious possible world or life.  It does give you the opportunity to take responsibility for yourself, your own feelings, experiences.  It does give you an introduction to capacities you did not know you had to create, to know yourself and in turn to know others.  It gives you a process you can choose to use again and again just in time as needed in navigating any event, situation, person, or context you may find yourself going forward. 

Just-in-Time – A radical self-knowing process.   Self-trust is the foundation you will create.