Getting Started

When you contact, we will explore how best to support your immediate needs. Answering the following questions will help us get quickly to what you require.

Questions: What is your definition of frustration? What is your definition of satisfaction and fulfillment?

To receive a more individual support, we recommend you begin with our Value Assessment. fee (on sliding scale $95-$250) for Value Assessment  includes scoring + 1hr conversation on results + 30 minute followup a week later.

If you sign up for 4 or more sessions to be used within 2 months time –¬† fee is on sliding scale $80-$120) per session, or one time session $120 ( or donation as able).

If you are truly ready to begin and feel stretched for funds, we offer free a one time, hour long session ( or for donation as able)

Payment made to PayPal or Zelle