Connecting to your Sacred Self-Knowing

Skye Hirst, Ph.D.

Everyone needs someone to listen, to share in processing life’s complexity. I’m here to do just that. What holds most of your attention these days? Would you like to choose again with new focus, letting old patterns fade away, moving towards greater aliveness, feeling good? Life moves us along with all manner of challenges and opportunities, but within each one, is what you and your sacred self know fulfills, has meaning, and really matters. This isn’t a switch you throw. We change when we are ready to change and for reasons only each of us know is right for us. Within our human-becoming natures is a breadth of wisdom many never know they possess.

To access what we don’t even know we don’t know seems impossible. Why bother? Well with one step into YOUr sacred – landscape will offer up capacities of infinite proportions.

This isn’t an ad for new pill, or new technique or coaching process only I can offer. No, this sacred wisdom is available to all. In conversations at Just-In-Time, people learn through remembering and noticing long held beliefs, assumptions they no longer need, and in the process they open to a freedom of possible, of choosing again towards greater and greater aliveness, of “no-thingness.” It feels good, it feels alive, free, a quality without a name, a quiet joy.

To get started, consider here and now, what is your definition of frustration? AND of satisfaction, fulfillment and success” How does each make you feel as you think about them?

Write down what are you concerns, challenges and hopes at this time? Let’s talk soon.


Skye Hirst Ph.D.

Balancing left brain with right brain experience

Left brain has developed to point it must now be balanced with right brain experience. Such words may sound like cultish wishes, but today, humans are evolving quickly. How this evolution occurs requires conscious choices that may tip life and living in direction of more and more mechanistic ways of more of the same, or towards a more balanced with greater compassionate and heartful spirit minded ways.  It’s not an either/or choice normally, but since we have so overly developed that left brain, ego, systemic self, one that competes, set one person against another, at this time, it requires some radical shifting.

What can each of us do to turn the whole ship of human consciousness around?  Each voice, each life energy is infinite in its potential.  The life energy within each cell, within each combination of cells that grows into a human is so very under-estimated and in its infancy for what we can be and become.  Look around at nature.  Look at plants, watch them grow in impossible conditions. Observe their resilience, creative force to find solutions, to act autonomously in miniscule ways.  And then observe their collective relationships and mutual impacts on one another. Humans are like plants, also acting autonomously and in mutually impactful ways, some towards aliveness, some towards destructive acts of control and minimization of life. Choices are ours to make, one small step at a time.  Can we help one another see these choices towards aliveness?  Such choices are not from grand philosophies or mental constructs or recipes.  Such choices are basic, fundamental, at radical levels that are requirements we all know as living beings.

One step, one small step with each breath, we move towards listening into our whole brain, whole body, whole species knowing and living. I invite you to join with me in this new form of heroine and hero’s journey.  Let’s give greater emphasis on what we can do with our Right-sided brains. It’s not rocket science, but it is as powerful if not more so.

Life as IT is…

(As I experience in micro way in Open Space events and conversations)

Whenever it starts is the time it starts, the time when it ends is the time when it ends, whoever comes seems to be just the right ones I need to meet or the ones others need to meet, whatever happens is precisely what happens, where-ever it happens, it will happen outside of my control, and my-oh-my will  surprise happen again and again. My butterfly self keeps learning and learning as I fly around and hang out. My bumblebee self keeps dropping in and dropping out pollinating everywhere I go.  

Oh, yes, and there is always one less thing to do. Noticing the things leaving, leaves me free to just sit the question.  Then comes the question, what if I just “sit with I don’t know?”  

Also there is that law of freedom to move where I take responsibility for staying or going, it keeps me conscious, present moment by moment in the choosing.  

Thanks all for meeting in Open Space Technology (Life as IT is). Open Space for Peace and Peak Performance 2021.

Expect to be surprised all the time.  Then feel the ripples spreading faster than the speed of LIFE – to 8 Billion, throughout LIfe’s wholeness.  

Loves, loves, loves allll.   Skye

What is good, true and hoped for?

What is true, what is good, what is hoped for,

Do you hold these questions in your heart,

Do you ask yourself what is of your making,

Your choosing,

I am pulled in so many directions at once

At home with loved ones needing to be fed

My town that struggles with school, violent eruptions

With people confined within walls of hatred and dispair,

The country unraveling from divides fueled by those who wish their own controls

Their own selfish wins,

My own challenges of what to say to souls in distress

Am I servant enough to do what is most needed,

Can I put one more oar in the water with others doing the same,

To pull the boat of democracy around towards

What is true, good and hoped for?

Skye Hirst   1/12/21

Just-in-Time Coaching, Conversations and Community – JITCC (C)

Learning is occurring at the speed of “life.”  Each is one making choices, each one needs to make.  Then new choices emerge from those choices.  Through conversations let’s share our learning, Just-In-Time.

Everyone needs help as we face uncertain times.  Most of us don’t have a trusted “other” or coach. We can be that for one another,..Just-In-Time...when you need it the most.

Join us here with your stories of Just-In-Time creative resolves, efforts and results in doing better so we all do better in relationships, organizations, communities,  oh, heck, the world.

From our collective learning and evolving, we grow Just-in-Time guidance for activating capacities and gifts, not only managing through these times, but finding grace and gratitude in the process.  We are and can create  new solutions for change. We can learn at the speed of “life.” 

Life moves fast. It asks a lot of us and gives a lot too. We are living at the speed of “life.” We human “becomings” have deep and wide capacities not used until needed, Just-In-Time.  We are learning together,   remembering, recovering and creating new as needed Just-In-Time..

Just-in-Time Conversations and Community get to issues of “What’s-Up” “what’s needed now?  What are the alerts needing attention?  What can we learn from one another now?

Our community includes wide range of expertise and intelligence joining project managers from public and private organizations and companies, life-coaches, health and healing practitioners, value intelligence researchers, communication coaches;  negotiators, mediators, time bank sharing, and educators.

There is wisdom in each one of us from lived experience.  Sharing our lessons learned and drawing on our living wisdom we are learning to trust our self-management knowing as life-given, living organisms, to find new ways to act that move us towards harmony. It’s natural, we can’t stop ourselves from doing it.

How does  Just-In-Time work?  We meet with lessons learned, questions being asked, what actions are needed, what resources are available right now?  What resources and alerts are emerging?  Post here under comments for now.  There will be more ways to contribute as we go, but for now, please sign up and pass along to anyone you wish to come into the circle for Just-In-Time work.

This place called home poem

First there is now
I know not what next will be
Was it ever so?
I wander into place called home
I sense my connection to all
There I’m lifted, expanded
Knowing well I may not know
And I will
Ah the wonder of this place called home

Skye Hirst 3/18/20

You Can Choose Again

When you feel you “can’t,” what is your “ought to”?
We live in world of rules & shoulds, some we have adopted not being fully aware that we have done so. There are options to many of these unconsciously agreed upon rules.  There are options where we could make another choice.

Consider this day, where you feel stuck around some feeling of “I can’t have it, get it, do it, be it.”  Such a feeling often shows up in form of frustration, short lived, or repeatedly showing up.

What is that feeling like? How does it feel in your body? Where does it live in your body?  What is it like?  Does it have an image, a color, texture, or shape? 

You can choose again, even if it may feel that you can’t.

Begin with recognizing this feeling/image.  Emotions are the friends that turn your attention to this frustration, anger, or sadness energy that may be stuck. We are not our emotions.  Emotions are energy that can change when we get to the habits and narratives we have developed that keep repeating in us, we can’t have, can’t do, can’t be the person we want to be.

By sensing into your own body/mind wisdom, your “I can’ts” can turn into you becoming you, alive, engaged and changing as you choose again and again towards that self, your self, as only you know how to become.

Now, consider what stories you find yourself repeating about what you believe to be true about your life and your experiences.  Are they really true today, or are they from experiences long ago that keep showing up for some reason?

Identifying that “I can’t,” that felt sense holding in your body, doesn’t have to take a long time. Begin by locating that “stuck place” in your body.  Then, ask that “felt sense stuckness image” what it wants?  What does it need to feel free, to feel alive, to feel safe?

You have just begun to shift the stuckness by relating to it.

This inner, deeper knowing is available to everyone to feel alive and healthy.

Bring forward now a new narrative beginning with “I allow myself to….”  Fill in what that felt sense stuckness told you it needs.

I allow myself to learn, to know, to discover, to be myself; a person who is alive, feeling good. That’s what your body/mind knows it needs and wants at the most fundamental level. With this process you are listening into your body/mind wisdom and harmony. Congratulations!

Just-In-Time you are becoming you, one breath at a time. You are on your way to naming and claiming your own self-intention processes for bringing about a freedom to choose, a satisfaction of self-intended acts, meaningful and on-purpose to you.

You can choose again, allowing the ‘becoming’ of you.

What are Values and Value Intelligence? Let’s explore

I believe the most challenges of our time is result from the failure to understand the value laden aspects of Life itself. Life itself needs a huge variety and harmonization. The many different societies are like different cells in the larger organism of unity. Each society has it’s own coherence. However, too often people have different criteria for coherence. Some societies are seen as analogous to cancer cells needing to be destroyed. Finding ways to harmonize and utilize that variety creates a healthy body/world. However, not being aware of the possibility of harmonization we resort to violence and destruction.

In this moment, what are you aware of? It is certainly not restricted to sensory input. If you only believe in what you can touch and measure, you are disconnected from primary knowing based on connectedness of all life. Your intuitions and feelings are telling you all about this connectedness, unless you choose to ignore it. In your holistic awareness of the moment, there are three distinct interwoven value domains. Each value requires a different way of knowing.

The three distinct domains of value are: Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Systemic described as follows:

“Living entities” that are self-defining, self-valuing and self-acting. Any interaction with a living entity will produce results beyond our expectations and, perhaps, beyond our control. Living entities are valued intrinsically; living entities must be valued for their own uniqueness; that is unconditional loving, “beholding.”

“Things or parts” are passive. They cannot violate forces of nature. Otherwise we can control what they do. Things are judged extrinsically by comparison to other members of the class concepts to which they belong, i.e., chairs or jobs, any concept.

Structures and rules that are invented by us. They are invented to provide order, reason, agreement and the possibility of creativity. Since we invent them, they are what we say they are. We judge them by applying them to our experience and then judging them as to whether or not they work, judging them as right or wrong. This is the domain of systemic values.

Now begins valuation leading to harmonization-valuation using all these value ways of knowing.  These ways of valuing have evolved and are passed along as inherent “living” abilities to use, develop as navigation tools in process living.  Acts are evaluated as good and they are experienced as “effective acts or not.” Acts that fulfill intentions of an “actual occasion” are experienced as successful because they bring all three dimensions together in harmony, in hierarchical alignment with Intrinsic, the aliveness being highest. When dealing with numbers, systems of ordering, the use of Systemic valuing need to be in support and in relationship to higher values. Systemic inventions made without relationship to higher Intrinsic “Aliveness” making is like using a rudder that is unreliable. It makes no sense without the living engagement.

So let’s play with how to use these value skills and knowing. Join me for forming conversations. Contact me at to participate.

Releasing Emotions; You are Not Your Emotions – Skye Hirst, PhD

Emotions can hit you, it seems,like an involuntary reality over which you have no control. Emotions can be our friends for inner guidance. Listening in on what is “up” at any given time can provide you with help in knowing what to do, what not to do.

But, when those emotions are anxiety that feel so connected to who you are, then they don’t feel like friends that want to help.

“Releasing” emotions is way for listening to them and allowing them to change. If you think you can’t do that, that’s ok. For now, in this now, whatever you are experiencing, the road map is in your body. Within us is an inner landscape that has colors, shapes, textures and constantly changing relationships. This inner terrain is rich with wisdom and stored knowing. It has a “felt sense” to it.

To begin this releasing process, focus on your body, what do you notice? What “felt sense” wants attention? It might be a tight muscle in the neck, or stomach. Just bring your attention to it and allow yourself a bit of time to hang out with it in any way you can.

We’ll begin a series of steps to walk you through this allowing process. I hope you’ll join me soon to see how you can learn this method to release any emotion that keeps showing up.

You are not your emotions. They are energy like waves that form and dissolve as you notice them, allow them without resisting. There are lots of ways to use this wonderful, natural and always available process. See you next time.

What does it mean? We all do better when we all do better?

This seems so obvious, but to deeply consider these words, pause, give yourself a mini-break, a moment of “me-time.”

Recently I attended a graduation at a local community college. There I witnessed how every person in the organization from administrators, to teachers, mentors, legislators, sponsors, students all pulled together to help one another complete the tasks of study, learning, growing towards a degree. It was like everyone was rowing together – the boat moved across the finish line with everyone aboard. Many of this finishing group go on to serve community with their newly acquired skills and developed talents.

What work, or effort are you engaged with that could use a few folks helping you get across the finish line? Doing better together just feels good on so many levels. Notice for yourself today how you may be rowing together with someone else who is trying to get across a finish line. And let us know how doing better together made yours and other’s life better.