You Can Choose Again

When you feel you “can’t,” what is your “ought to”?
We live in world of rules & shoulds, some we have adopted not being fully aware that we have done so. There are options to many of these unconsciously agreed upon rules.  There are options where we could make another choice.

Consider this day, where you feel stuck around some feeling of “I can’t have it, get it, do it, be it.”  Such a feeling often shows up in form of frustration, short lived, or repeatedly showing up.

What is that feeling like? How does it feel in your body? Where does it live in your body?  What is it like?  Does it have an image, a color, texture, or shape? 

You can choose again, even if it may feel that you can’t.

Begin with recognizing this feeling/image.  Emotions are the friends that turn your attention to this frustration, anger, or sadness energy that may be stuck. We are not our emotions.  Emotions are energy that can change when we get to the habits and narratives we have developed that keep repeating in us, we can’t have, can’t do, can’t be the person we want to be.

By sensing into your own body/mind wisdom, your “I can’ts” can turn into you becoming you, alive, engaged and changing as you choose again and again towards that self, your self, as only you know how to become.

Now, consider what stories you find yourself repeating about what you believe to be true about your life and your experiences.  Are they really true today, or are they from experiences long ago that keep showing up for some reason?

Identifying that “I can’t,” that felt sense holding in your body, doesn’t have to take a long time. Begin by locating that “stuck place” in your body.  Then, ask that “felt sense stuckness image” what it wants?  What does it need to feel free, to feel alive, to feel safe?

You have just begun to shift the stuckness by relating to it.

This inner, deeper knowing is available to everyone to feel alive and healthy.

Bring forward now a new narrative beginning with “I allow myself to….”  Fill in what that felt sense stuckness told you it needs.

I allow myself to learn, to know, to discover, to be myself; a person who is alive, feeling good. That’s what your body/mind knows it needs and wants at the most fundamental level. With this process you are listening into your body/mind wisdom and harmony. Congratulations!

Just-In-Time you are becoming you, one breath at a time. You are on your way to naming and claiming your own self-intention processes for bringing about a freedom to choose, a satisfaction of self-intended acts, meaningful and on-purpose to you.

You can choose again, allowing the ‘becoming’ of you.