Releasing Emotions; You are Not Your Emotions – Skye Hirst, PhD

Emotions can hit you, it seems,like an involuntary reality over which you have no control. Emotions can be our friends for inner guidance. Listening in on what is “up” at any given time can provide you with help in knowing what to do, what not to do.

But, when those emotions are anxiety that feel so connected to who you are, then they don’t feel like friends that want to help.

“Releasing” emotions is way for listening to them and allowing them to change. If you think you can’t do that, that’s ok. For now, in this now, whatever you are experiencing, the road map is in your body. Within us is an inner landscape that has colors, shapes, textures and constantly changing relationships. This inner terrain is rich with wisdom and stored knowing. It has a “felt sense” to it.

To begin this releasing process, focus on your body, what do you notice? What “felt sense” wants attention? It might be a tight muscle in the neck, or stomach. Just bring your attention to it and allow yourself a bit of time to hang out with it in any way you can.

We’ll begin a series of steps to walk you through this allowing process. I hope you’ll join me soon to see how you can learn this method to release any emotion that keeps showing up.

You are not your emotions. They are energy like waves that form and dissolve as you notice them, allow them without resisting. There are lots of ways to use this wonderful, natural and always available process. See you next time.

By Skye Hirst

With aliveness centering, I have discovered how health and quiet joy are the results. With PhD in communication from Union Institute and University, Bachelor of Music, Certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu, and as Minister, I offer over 40 years of coaching and consulting experience helping a wide range of professionals from CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists and individuals to realize their path to aliveness, fulfillment and meaning.

I bring 30 years of research in Organic, Living Processes, and Inherent Value Intelligence. To whatever profession, passion or pursuit, I accompany clients seeking to know themselves deeply, radically, to align their hearts/mind/body to experience a foundation of self trust. Of great influence are Robert S. Hartman and Norm F. Hirst who introduced Value Intelligence and it's primary role in how humans navigate their lives. I now add the work of Dr. Iain McGilchrist's expansive work on the Divided Brain and how we need to use reason, AND intuition, imagination and values in the creation of lives with aliveness, meaning and fulfillment. The work of Harrison Owen and his Open Space Technology reflect my thinking on open conversations, listening, self-direction and responsibility for creating what we want in organizations, groups, governing and culture.
Above all, the Divine in each living creature has wisdom, self-direction and purpose to be realized, shared and honored. I open to the Spirit of life-itself with each breath, allowing myself to know, listen into my felt-sense awareness to find right action, Just in Time as needed, one step at a time. The Sedona Method of feeling feelings, releasing what's holding, allows greatest and highest good to emerge as I do. Embodied knowing, listening and sensing the whole of myself and encouraging clients to 1st feel the feelings and know their humanness good, their embodied wisdom. This is aliveness, this is how it can be, Just in Time.

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