Releasing Emotions; You are Not Your Emotions – Skye Hirst, PhD

Emotions can hit you, it seems,like an involuntary reality over which you have no control. Emotions can be our friends for inner guidance. Listening in on what is “up” at any given time can provide you with help in knowing what to do, what not to do.

But, when those emotions are anxiety that feel so connected to who you are, then they don’t feel like friends that want to help.

“Releasing” emotions is way for listening to them and allowing them to change. If you think you can’t do that, that’s ok. For now, in this now, whatever you are experiencing, the road map is in your body. Within us is an inner landscape that has colors, shapes, textures and constantly changing relationships. This inner terrain is rich with wisdom and stored knowing. It has a “felt sense” to it.

To begin this releasing process, focus on your body, what do you notice? What “felt sense” wants attention? It might be a tight muscle in the neck, or stomach. Just bring your attention to it and allow yourself a bit of time to hang out with it in any way you can.

We’ll begin a series of steps to walk you through this allowing process. I hope you’ll join me soon to see how you can learn this method to release any emotion that keeps showing up.

You are not your emotions. They are energy like waves that form and dissolve as you notice them, allow them without resisting. There are lots of ways to use this wonderful, natural and always available process. See you next time.

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