Life as IT is…

(As I experience in micro way in Open Space events and conversations)

Whenever it starts is the time it starts, the time when it ends is the time when it ends, whoever comes seems to be just the right ones I need to meet or the ones others need to meet, whatever happens is precisely what happens, where-ever it happens, it will happen outside of my control, and my-oh-my will  surprise happen again and again. My butterfly self keeps learning and learning as I fly around and hang out. My bumblebee self keeps dropping in and dropping out pollinating everywhere I go.  

Oh, yes, and there is always one less thing to do. Noticing the things leaving, leaves me free to just sit the question.  Then comes the question, what if I just “sit with I don’t know?”  

Also there is that law of freedom to move where I take responsibility for staying or going, it keeps me conscious, present moment by moment in the choosing.  

Thanks all for meeting in Open Space Technology (Life as IT is). Open Space for Peace and Peak Performance 2021.

Expect to be surprised all the time.  Then feel the ripples spreading faster than the speed of LIFE – to 8 Billion, throughout LIfe’s wholeness.  

Loves, loves, loves allll.   Skye