Connecting to your Sacred Self-Knowing

Skye Hirst, Ph.D. Just-In-Time Sacred Self-Knowing

With initial interview, you and I will discover how best to direct your process including identifying what is most important to you now, Just-In-Time.

• -40 years Executive and Personal Communication & Value Consultant and Coach
• -35 years Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, ancient method harmonizing mind/body
• – Value Vision and Reasoning Inventory

Hello Dear Hearts,
I am accepting new clients. Thank you for passing along this invitation to anyone in your circle whom you think could benefit from a Just-In-Time Consultation session with me.
Everyone needs someone to listen, to share in processing life’s complexity. With over 40 years of learning from and listening to clients of all walks of life at times during transitions, I’ve collected a heart full of experience and living processes to assist as needed, Just In Time. I very much look forward to being that person for you.
Just-In-Time provides immediate ways to get to issues, solutions, and sometimes to just identify essential questions you are facing at this time. The largest important part of my passion is to listen for what those questions, processes and issues are to you, uniquely, now, at this time in your life.
With Jin Shin Jyutsu and my Radical (fundamental) Self-Knowing Coaching Process I’m assisting many to new levels of integration, creativity, and meaning to their lives. With JSJ, hands on energy balancing, and embodied whole-knowing-listening, clients discover and claim their inner guidance towards aliveness and fulfillment. Health follows alignment with one’s sense of purpose, acceptance and actions that give meaning to life at any age or stage of life.
By sensing your sacred knowing comes spiritual awareness and awakening of the right sided brain, whole knowing use of embodied feelings. This deep and fundamental capacity available to all provides anchor for navigating today’s world.
We begin with an intro to your inner value landscape, determining what you value and how you value, i.e., your value vision that influences your choices and thinking assumptions about the world and yourself.

With a short free interview, let’s explore how I might support any transitions or intentions you’d like to give as focus, just for now or maybe going forward.

I very much look forward to sitting with you, listening, and accompanying you on your life’s journey. Let’s have a cup of tea or coffee together. What’s up for you? How might you like to choose again with new perspective? Life-style changes, grieving losses, finding purpose that aligns with all of yourself. Experience more health and aliveness. Let’s get started. Talk soon.
Skye Hirst, Ph.D.

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